About Me


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Welcome to our food paradise! My name is Gabriela Cardenas, and I love cooking. In my grandmother’s kitchen, the smell of fresh flowers and spices made me want to cook. I learned that food can express love, culture, and imagination because I grew up in a family that loves to cook.
My skills got better over years of trying, tasting, and learning. I use fresh, healthy products and cook my food in a way that is both traditional and new. Gabriela writes about food trips, old and new meals, and recipes to inspire food lovers.
It’s through stories that I bring food to life and connect us to other dishes around the world. I want to get you excited about cooking and turn your kitchen into a place where you can always find new things to enjoy, no matter how experienced you are.
Come with me on this fun trip and turn every meal into a taste party!
About my group
Food enthusiasts create all of Gabriela’s recipes. Gabriela Cardenas is in charge of a skilled group of cooks, writers, photographers, and front desk workers. Writers tell stories about food, photographers take pictures of how beautiful our meals are, and support staff make sure that everything runs smoothly in our community. We want to have fun cooking with you.

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